Project Study

Project study is a crucial step in the success of any project, hence the importance we attach to this component, by setting up a rigorous study meeting the current standards .

HVAC Algérie supports architects and contracting authorities in their search for innovative solutions in heating , air conditioning, ventilation, air treatment and smoke extraction.
Moreover it takes into account all the technical constraints and regulatory standards, the imperatives of deadlines and costs. Responsive and creative,

HVAC Algérie is committed to offering you optimal solutions for the design and installation of air conditioning, heating, ventilation, smoke extraction and air treatment, according to your objectives and your project.


Consulting is an essential part of our work
After a rigorous study of your project on the technical and commercial aspects, our technicians give their opinion. They offer you the most suitable air conditioning products and systems that best meet your expectations and your budget, from a wide range.
Our innovative solutions allow our company to always remain efficient.


HVAC Algérie follows you throughout your project, we help you to clearly and precisely define your objectives.
For this we put at your disposal our skills and our experience in the field in order to define all of your needs and choose the system most suited to your situation.
HVAC Algérie covers the majority of the business sectors

  • Administrative buildings such as Ministries, Banks.
    Industrial buildings.
    Pharmaceutical factories.
    Theater, Cinemas, Concert halls and other establishments open to the public.
    Hospitals and Clean rooms.
    Computer labs.
    High-rise buildings.
    Hotels and Residences (Accommodations, villas)
    Civilian and Military airports
    Parking lots.

HVAC Algérie, offers a wide range of air conditioning systems, and to complete your project, we offer many services. Thanks to the experience of more than 19 years of activity in the field, our business managers will take into account all the peculiarities of your project, thus giving you a detailed study combining comfort and energy saving.
The quality of service and respect for our commitments are the two currencies of our corporate culture. From the installation of equipment to their maintenance, our priority is your serenity.

management and implementation

Our staff is committed to offer you a full service.
After validation the quot, our technicians intervene as soon as possible.
Their motto is: to respect our commitments in service quality in order to ensure the best performance of the facilities.
The service ranges from the supply of equipment, their installation, the commissioning of the systems and the recommendations necessary to properly protect them.
The quality of service and respect for our commitments are the two currencies of our company culture..

From the installation of equipment to their maintenance, our priority is your serenity.


HVAC Algérie’s spirit of responsibility, the competence of our experienced team and our collaborators help make us your trusted partner.
The best way to perpetuate your equipment, to avoid possible recurrent and costly breakdowns, is to sign a Maintenance Contract which many advantages, including the guarantee of trust
Our company brings together all the equipment and all the essential skills for monitoring air conditioning installations. In case of a breakdown, our highly reactive technicians will intervene on site as soon as possible and everywhere to avoid the slightest inconvenience.