HVAC Algérie is an Engineering, Supply, Installation and Commissioning company of LG Equipments 

HVAC Algérie operates in the fields of Air conditioning, Ventilation, Filtration, Air treatment, GTC and Smoke Extraction.
The particularity of  HVAC Algérie is to provide and implement the best solutions and systems capable of meeting the precise and appropriate needs of each client and all types of installations.

Our know-how and skills are based on an engineering office , our field skills and experienced and motivated staff. Whatever your project is, HVAC Algérie supports you, identifies all of your needs and offers you a personalized solution that meets your expectations. 

Our philosophy: To provide quality services in a constant quest for customer satisfaction” 

Our values : “Know-how and Quality, Commitment, Availability, Responsibility, Trust and Proximity”

Our values and principles

All of the company’s actions and decisions are guided by its values. They are translated into our management methods but they must also guide all internal reports as well as relationships with our partners and our customers.

    • Security

Safety is our priority, more than a policy, it is above all a culture shared by all within the company. An active prevention and dialogue approach is thus implemented, through numerous initiatives, at all levels of the company. Actions which tend towards a common objective: “zero accidents ».

    • Respect and integrity

Our responsibility as a company has always been to conduct our business with the utmost integrity while respecting the people and organizations that we meet every day as well as the environment.

    • A positive impact

We aim to have a positive impact through our brand, our activities and commercial relationship as well as any other of social interaction.

    • Transparency

We create transparent and durable relations. We are open and explain our choices. Our words and actions are consistent. We share spontaneously.

    • Responsibility

We respect our values and we assume our engagements towards our clients and associates and everyone . We develop ethical actions and behaviors. Each one of us plays a role in the success of the company..


Project Study


Technical assistance

Projects management and implementation